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Ancient medical recipe of the old capital
Medical science recipe at Ayutthaya studying institute

Ancient medical recipe of the old capital

Before the recent medicine is progressed, ancient Thai and Ayutthaya people in the past cured the disease with Thai medical or traditional medicine. Disease curing must use the specialization in medical which was investigated and tested for curing the patients until it was acceptable. The book of medical recipe of Ayutthaya people remained in the present was used for curing in the pattern of Thai medical. Here, we will mention about 4 medical recipes as following.

Medical recipe of the king Narai, this has collected the great medical recipe that the royal doctor has treated with the Great king Narai for 81 recipes and the name of doctor was mentioned as well.

The old medical science recipe at Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, Dr. Kingkeaw Autthakorn has donated to the art gallery at Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Rajaphat Institute University. This was not referred to the writer (the recent Art gallery was Institute of Ayutthaya studying, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Rajaphat Institute University)

The medical science recipe was white Samud Coe. It was kept in the art gallery at Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya Rajaphat Institute University as well. The donator was Sin Wadit. At the cover, there was the name of the copy person who was Phra Pun.

Pediatrician medical was the short Bai Lan. It was written as the poem which its context said about the shape of chests and women characteristic for providing milk of mother that might provide both advantage and disadvantage for the infant. Besides, it said about the result of follicular pharyngitis , the shape of infant and the signal of death.

The book no. 2-4 was changed by Asst. Prof. Riem Srithongpetch of Phranakorn Si Ayutthaya Rajaphat Institute University. Those were similar in term of knowledge, believe and traditional medical basic. For example the humans body was consisted of 4 elements and the sickness must be occurred because of abnormality of 4 elements.

The image from exhibition in Phranakorn Si Ayutthaya Rajaphat Institute University
Those 4 elements were Pathawee (soil), Opa (water), Wayo (wind) and Techo (fire). The first set of medicine used for basic treatment was the medicine for these 4 elements and other medicine recipes of 4 sets or next 4 steps. However, curing sickness must consider the power of sickness and placed proper medicine with treatment. To use the strongest medicine might cause the bad effect to the patient. Also, the medical recipe of Phra Narai was deemed as the royal medicine and medical science recipe was the recipe of villagers which had the same believes in term of treatment. This believe was whether the treatment will succeed or not, apart from properties of medicine and sickness, it also depended on the sin of patients.

In medicine recipe, it had believes about techniques of medicine compound and interesting treatment which was not appeared on the royal recipe. For example, when going to collect some medicine from its tree, do not make your shadow to overlay on the root of tree or to speak to yourself and believe it yourself. This believe used by the old city people was still used in the present. For example, to take the Bon tree for cook, you must ask and answer yourself that you will ask for permission to take the Bon tree to cook and the Bon is very tasty.

For another medical science recipe that was not yet referred to was Pediatrician medical recipe which had difference characteristic. This recipe was written in poem and poetry and its contexts had variety of parts.

Later, it mentioned about infants and symptoms of each disease such as follicular pharyngitis, crazy, black mark of death, dust, electricity and the end of sickness and then the signal of death or characteristic of person who was going to die. This recipe would finish with the last word and the wish of author.

This ancient recipe of the old city people was deemed to be the valuable document which should be conserve and support for further investigate to transfer the subject of Thai traditional medical in the future.