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Image : ظ Discovering Ayutthaya ˹ 94-95
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Wat Lokayasutha

Wat Lokayasutha or known as Wat Phra Non (Temple of the reclining Buddha) by tourists due to the fact that the biggest reclining Buddha image is situated at the temple. The Buddha image is 42 meters long and 8 meters high. Field Marshal Por Phibulsongkhram assigned to restore the temple in 1956. Therefore, the reclining Buddha became welknown, and has attracted foreign tourists since then.

The kings of the late Ayutthaya period took great interests in reclining Buddha images. For example, King Thai Sa commissioned moving the reclining Buddha at Wat Pa Moke (22.58 meters long) due to the erosion of the river bank where the temple was located. The temple was rebuilt to situate the Buddha image. It was also written in Ayutthaya chronicle that King Boromakot went to pay homage to Phra Non Chaksi (45 meters long) in Sing Buri and also the reclining Buddha image (50 meters long) at Wat Khun Indrapramun in Ang Thong. The Buddha image is said to be the longest reclining Buddha image in Thailand.
Wat Lokayasutha is located near the Ancient Palace and Wat Phra Si Sanphet in the west of Khlong Thor. Considering from the grand size of the structure, it shows that the temple was very important in the late Ayutthaya period. The religious activity area was surrounded by a low wall. The big wihan with the size of nine rooms was in front of the area with a portico (the right portico measuring 20.10 X 36.30 meters and the left portico measuring 13.20 X 35.40 meters) in front and back of it. Nowadays, only the bases of the three buildings are left.

The back portico connected to square-shaped passages. Each side was measuring 67.50 meters. The prang (stupa) with 30 meters in height was the main part of the temple. The base of the temples chapel (the Ubosot) measuring 33 X 17 meters is next to the main prang. In the outer area of the cross-shaped passages, there was the reclining Buddha image turning his face to the north. The Buddha images head points to the east. The wihan for the Buddha image was completely damaged.

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