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ͧ(ͧ˭) Ƕͧⷹ ҳ ǧͶ ʹ¶ŧᡧ ͧ͢ҹ ¡ҶⷹͤдǡͧѧؤѨغѹ

“Pa Thone Road” or “Dechawuth Road”
By Pat Tangphan

Various roads inside Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Island are mostly called according to the names of the ancient roads in Krung Si Ayutthaya period: Thanon Pa Thone, Thanon Pa Maphrao, Thanon Pa Tong, Thanon Che Kun, Thanon Lao, and etc., due to the fact that the names of roads in Ayutthaya show the importance of those areas. Remarkably, there was the word “Pa” in front. In Ayutthaya period, the word “Pa” means market or the area producing a product, for example Pa Thone means the area selling Thone (one-faced drum) or Thai music instruments. Pa Tharn means the area selling charcoal. Pa Tong means the area selling containers made from banana leaves. Pa Maphrao sells a lot of coconuts; one who wanted to buy coconut to make some food could buy coconuts there. For Thanon Che Kun, it was the residences of the Brahmin situating around Che Kun Bridge. Therefore, a line of road might have had many names according to the products they sold or produced.

Magnificently, most of the roads inside Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya City Island still use the former names used in Krung Si Ayutthaya period. Although they seem out of date and not noteworthy, it is valuable if we know their background, and we will feel proud of them.

Inside Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya City Island, there is a road with a modern name “Rojana” (Changed to Preedee Phanomyong in 2006) and the other road that most people call “Dechawut” which formerly called “Thanon Pa Thone”. The initial reason was that people like to call it Thanon Dechawut, for only the part via the front of the Post Office (Dechawut Branch) beginning from the roundabout at Ayutthaya Witthayalai School to Pa Thone Bridge used to cross Khlong Makhamriang. Besides, the head and the end of the road were not called in this name. This shows that the name of the branch of the post office has influenced people to call the road.

Dechawut Post Office is an old building, the same as the buildings of Ayutthaya Police Station on the same road.
Sapan Pa Thone (Pa Thone Bridge) over khlong Makhamriang (The canal with rows of tamarind trees) was called in agreement with the road name (without studying the history). In former time, it was Sapan Huajaka.

Dechawut Post Office has influenced people to call the road past it Thanon dechawut. We may doubt who named the road

“Dechawut” and whose name was Dechawut.

“Dechawut” was the new name of Thanon Pa Thone, and later it became the name of the branch of the post office which
has been situated on that road.

“Dechawut” was a name of Prince Atsadang Dechawut, the Prince of Nakhon Ratchasima, 62th son of King Chulalongkorn, the fifth king of Rattanakosin (Bangkok). He was the seventh son of Queen Sri Phatcharinthra Boromarachininat, and granted his name to this road when he took the position of the commander in chief of the Military Division 3. He asked the permission to build a road on Thanon Pa Thone to transport troops from the Department of Infantry from Hua Laem in the west of the City Island through the city to the marina in the south of the Train Station in the east of the City Island, in order to transport troops and arms from the Military Division 3 to Ayutthaya Train Station across the Pa sak River.

For this reason, when the branch of the post office was built on this road, it was named after the name of the road, and people have accustomed to the name “Praisani Dechawut” which is very popular. Although the road has been newly named with the original name, Thanon Pa Thone, Ayutthaya people still called it Thanon Dechawut after the name of the post office.

Sapan Lamhoey (Ramhoey) crosses Khlong Thor (Khlong Chakaiyai), head of Thanon Pa Thone. In the ancient time, this part of the road was called Thanon Lao, followed by Thanon Talaengkaeng according to the dominant feature of the area. Wholly, it is called Thanon Pa Thone for the social comfort in the present time.