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..? ظҶ֧繹ûѵʵôš
Image      ѹ·ҹҺǹФѺҹûѵʵйظ Ѻâ鹷¹ôšҧѲ 繤Թҧ §੾ظҹ 繤Թբͧ駻 ¤ѧҺҷ....? ͧ ֧鹤ûѵʵйظ觹ôš ӵͺǤѺ

      ظ ѵԷҧѲդسⴴ ͧ֡ԷʵѲ˻ЪҪҵ ( : UNESCO) ֧ اศ ȵٹ ѹ 13 ѹҤ 2534 鹷¹㹺ѭôš ˵ؼŴѧ仹

Image     С÷ 1ظդ㹡͡÷ŷͧ㹵˹觷ͧ ա͡ẺѧͧҧѺ͹Ѻ¡ѭ÷ҧѡѹ繸ҵԢͧõ駶蹰ҹẺ ѡɳдѧӹµ͡ѡҾй ûͧѹءҹͧ֡ѵСèѴкҸóٻҧѺѧͧ öѲҡͧʧآ
     (ҾἹاظ ¹ҹ ԧٹ Եáêѹ Ҿʴ繶֧ѧͧͧظ ˭ͺͧ ͧӤͧԴͶ֧ѹ ǹ˭Ǻҹ鹵ç仡Ѻ ѧ ºظҴѧͧǹԪ (˵ ҪҳҨѡ : ˹36))

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ظẺ㹡ҧاѵԹ ·ʹ ͧͧظ㹷ءء

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     С÷ 4Ҥҳʶҹѧ㹹ûѵʵйظ ѡɳС͡Ẻҧʶһѵ¡͡ѡɳ ⴴҤ ѡɳТͧ觡ҧҧ ਴ ҧ лҷ դ繾ö㹷 觡ҧҹաԴҡ͹اظҨͧӹҨ ʴ繶֧ͧѲҡôҹٻẺҧʶһѵ¡ѡɳзẺ öҧ᷹㹻Ѩغѹ

(Ũҡ蹨֡ ˹ٹԡâš÷ͧǾйظ)

Ayutthaya Has Become the World Heritage as a Historical City. Why ?

Many people including you may have known that Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya historical city was registered as a world heritage site on culture. This has brought much delight not only to Ayutthaya people, but also to all the Thai people. On the contrary, some might not know why ? Why did UNESCO agree to raise Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya as a world heritage site? You can find the answers as follows:

Remarkably, Ayutthaya is a valuably cultural property. The Science and Cultural Education Organisation of the United Nations (UNESCO) agreed to raise Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya historical city as a world heritage site at Cartage City in Tunisia on December 13, 1991 with the following reasons:

Firstly, Ayutthaya was excellently in being located in the area surrounded by rivers. The city plan was designed complicatedly, but appropriate for the communities of people depending on travelling by waters which is naturally the Thai habitation. The characteristics mentioned assisted people in protecting the capital city and prevented invasion of enemies. The public assistance was done appropriately in agreement with the city society, and was able to lead to prosperity and public peace.

(This is Krung Si Ayutthaya map written by Johan Wingbuns, a Hollander artist. The map displays Ayutthaya city plan surrounded by rivers, and in the city, there were a lot of canals connecting with each other. Most of them were parallel straightly with the roads. La Loubere compared Ayutthaya to Venice (La Louberes Annals. The Kingdom of Siam, p. 36).
Secondly, Ayutthaya was the model in constructing Krung Rattanakosin (Bangkok) which has transferred every aspect of beauty and prosperity from Ayutthaya including the city plan, locating the buildings, names of places, archetechtonic characteristics, and houses, together with ways of life.

Ayutthaya was the model in constructing Krung Rattanakosin which has transferred every aspect of Ayutthayas beauty and prosperity.

Thirdly, this historical city has its own identity on physical appearances, history and civilisation which cannot be compared with any other ancient cities in Asia or in the world.

Fourthly, each ancient building in Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical City has its own identity in architectonic design uniquely in Asian Region. Many characteristics of the construction materials are special and cannot be seen in other places. Although some of them existed before Ayutthaya was founded, they show continuity and evolusion of characteristics of real Thai architecture which cannot be built to substitute in the present days.

The information was collected at Ayutthaya Study Institute

(The information from the inscription in front of Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Tourism Information Center)