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Image            ѧѴйظ ͧҳ׹ҡ ն֧Ѩغѹ ֧ҡͧ¡ҹ ҧѹؤе㨢ͧ¡ ѧҡͧظҨ֡ا⢷ ¸෾Ô 繹դѹѺ㹤³ТͧԹҳ Ҩդ âͧ ͹稾ҸԻշ (ͧ) зçʶһͧǧ Тҹй ا෾ҹú÷ǴظҔ ا෾Ǵ

           ͧاظѧ¡ᵡҧѹա 蹷ҡ ǴéѺǧ԰ѡùԵ ¡اظҵ͹ ѡҪ ȡ ѹ ԡ ҷ áʶһҡاйطҔ лҡ㹺ѹ֡ͧ ͡ѤҪٵ ԭѹաѺاظ稾й³ ...ǹͧ ¡ ¸ (SI-YO-THI-YA) ҧվǡҡ¡ͧ ا෾ҹ (CRUNG-THÉ-PAPRÀ-MAHA-NACÔN)

           㹢зͧاظҷҡἹš ǹ˭¹դ١ѹѺاظ ѡ¡ҧѹ͡ ἹšѺáǶ֧ظҤ 稾кšҶ ҡ (SCIERNO) ͡§§Եըҡ (SHAHRINAU) Ѻ¶֧ͧ ͡ҡѧҡ ظἹµҧ ҷ ODIA (稾Ҫ) UDIA(稾Ҩѡþô) IUDIA, AJOTHIA(稾һҷͧ) IUCIAD, JUDIA, AIOTHIA (稾й³) IUDTJA(稾ྷҪ) 繵

           ͡اظ鹤Ҫҹ .. ҡʧ¡اظҤ駷 աʶһҡاظҢҧ͡㹹ͧا Сا෾ҹ ӴѺ ǹͧظ㹼׹蹴Թ Ҫҹաاظ١¡ اҔ ѹ¤֧ͧǧ ѧҡ اҔ 㹨˵ؤçӢͧǧԹ 繾ТɰԹյҧô稾оط-ʹҨš лҡ㹨˵Ѫŷ اҔ

           .. кҷ稾ШŨ çٻûͧǹҤ ẺԺ ¨Ѵ šاҔ 㹾.. շӡ Ҫѧѹ ͧا

           اҔ ֧繹Ҫ׺ѵԹ繪¡ҹ· ҡҪǵҧҵԷҾӹѡ ¡ͧا ظҔ ѧҡ㹺ѹ֡ͧ稾ѧҪ šǫ Ѫŷ кѹ֡ͧ ԧѹ Ը ʹյ͸ԺաҪˡԨԷ Ѫŷ Ƕ֧ͧ ظ͡اҔ áǹ ظҔ 鹡͹ اҔ 蹹ʴ ǵҧҵԷͧ ¡ ظ ҡҷ¡ ا ͤ ѡҵԷҪǹ Ѫŷ ¡ͧ ظҔ ǡѹ

           ͧظҨ֧١¡ ¡ اҔ ǵҧҵ¡ ظҔ Ѫŷ ʶҹö信ا ¹ ʶҹظҔ ˵عҳҪҹԹ ػҪšا ֧¹§ҹҪšا ѧѴ Ҫá¡ҡاҧ ǡ ǵҧ ѧ¡ظҵ ҳҪҹԹ ֧;Ҫҹô кҷ稾خ çվҪԹԨ ͧͧظҹ

           кҷ稾خǷçվкҪͧôѧҳҪҹԹ ѹ չҤ ͹Ǣͧ ͧاҹ çҪҤ ظҔ йѧѴ ѧѴйظҔ


͡ҧԧ :

ѡ . (). اظҢͧ. 駷 . ا෾: ŻѲ.
ҳҪҹԹ,. (). ͧا. ЪǴéѺҭɡ . ͧóлѵʵ Żҡ. ا෾:
ҪǴáا Ѻǧ԰. (). ЪǴéѺҭɡ . ͧóлѵʵ Żҡ. ا෾:
,. (). ˵ ҪҳҨѡ. ѹ . źص : ջѭ.
Ѫ ҹԪ. (). اظἹ. ا෾: Ԫ.
͡ǫ, ͧ ẻʵ. (). ͧا. ѹ . źص : ջѭ.
Ը, ԧѹ. (). һ. ا෾: Żҡ.
ʶ ѹѧ. (). ͧؤоطǧ. ا෾: Ԫ.
ҳҪҹԹ,. (). ͧǡѺйظ. ا෾: Żҡ.

March the birth of Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya
Pat Thangpan

          Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya province has been the ancient city for more than 600 years. Its name was call differently in each period and understanding of people who call. As appeared its name in the stone inscription Ayothaya Si Rammathepnakorn, this is the name which is related to Phra Ram in Ramayana scripture of ancient India. It possibly means the city of Phra Ram. This is the name before the king Ramathibodi I (Uthong) found the new capital city which is called Krunthepmahanakorn Boworntharawadee Si Ayutthaya or Krungthep Tharavade.
          the name of Ayutthaya has been called differently as well. for example, it appeared inannals of Lung Prasert Aksornnithi, which was written in the end of Ayutthaya period that in the era 712, the date of at 3 am, nine lines, it firstly found Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya and also appeared in the record of La Rou Bear, France diplomacy who come to build relationship with Krung Si Ayutthaya in the period of King Narai that for Siam, Siam people called Si Yo Thi Ya and some time called CRUNG-THÉ-PAPRÀ-MAHA-NACÔN.
          in the world map which the writer was not related to Ayutthaya, so the name of Krung Si Ayutthaya was called differently. The first world map written in the period of Phra Borommatrilokkanart called SCIERNO which pronounced in Italian from SHAHRINAU. In Arab, it means new city. Further, the name of Ayutthaya appeared in many map of each period such as ODIA (King Chairaja) UDIA (King Phrama Jakkrapat) IUDIA, AJOTHIA (Phra Chao Prasart thong) IUCIAD, JUDIA, AIOTHIA (Phra Narai) IUDTJA (Phra Patraja)
          When Krung Si Ayutthaya fell and ended the great capital in 2310 B.C. From the 2nd loss of Ayutthaya and later established new Ayutthaya at Bangkok in the name of Thonburi and Bangkok, respectively, Ayutthaya was later called Krung Kao. In the annals of Lung Nakarinthornthevee who was the half sister of King Phra Buddha yodfah Chulalok and in the annal of king Rama III, it appeared the name of Ayutthaya as Krung Kao.
           In 2437, the king Phra Jullajomklao Chaoyouhua has reforemed the provincial administration to municipality precint by established Krung Kao precint in 2438 and the office of precint was in Chan Palace, Krung Kao.
          Krung Kao was used in government service until in the period of Rattanakosin and it was widely used as well. However, foreigners who stayed in Thailand preferred calling it Krung Kao as ever. According to the period of the Buddhist supreme patriarch of the Buddhist priest named Pallekua in the reign of king Rama III and the record of Herbert Warington Smith, the former president of geology department in the reign of king Rama V, has mentioned the name of Ayutthaya or Krung Kao. To pronounce Ayutthaya prior to Krung Kao showed foreigners from both countries preferred to call Ayutthaya more than Krung Kao. Also, Karl Block, Norway naturalist in the reign of king Rama V called Ayutthaya as well.
          The name of Ayutthaya was called two names, Thai people called Krung Kao and foreigners called Ayutthaya. In the reign of king Rama VI, Krung Kao railway station has changed the name to Ayutthaya Station. For this reason, Phraya Boran Ratchathanin, wrotew in the report of government service of Krung Kao that the name of this province was officially called Krung Kao but foreigners still called Ayutthaya as ever. Phraya Boran Ratchathanin requested to the king to reconsider the use of the name of Ayutthaya.
          The king Mongkutkao Chaoyouhua had the command to Phraya Boran Ratchathanin on 17 March 2461 B.C. that in case of Krung Kao name, it should be used for precint as Ayutthaya precinct and for the province used Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya province.


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