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Krung Si Ayutthaya Foundation Day

King Ramathibodi I or King U-Thong founded Krung Si Ayutthaya as the capital in 1350. Krung Si Ayutthaya had been the center of Siam for 417 years and reigned by 33 kings of 5 Dynasties: U-Thong, Suphannaphum, Sukhothai, Prasat Thong and Ban Phluluang. It was defeated twice by the Burma. The first time was in 1569; King Naresuan brought the independence back in 1584, and it was defeated at the second time in 1767.

King Taksin the Great could bring back the independence at the end of the same year. Then he founded Krung Thon Buri as the new capital. A lot of people from Krung Si Ayutthaya were forcibly moved to settle down sustainably in Krung Thon Buri. On the contrary, Krung Si Ayutthaya was not deserted. Some people who loved their locality still lived there. The people who ran away into the jungles went out and lived around the city until their settlement became permanent. Thus, the government raised it as the fourth-leveled city called “Muang Krung Kao (City of the old capital).

The Kingdom of Krung Si Ayutthaya had been the capital since April 3, 1350 to April 7, 1767, for 417 years. There is a lot of history on governance, the fighting for independence, heroic performances, and traditional and cultural affairs. The city was superp and fertile with crops and foods in agreement with its slogan “Fish in waters and rice in fields”. All the area of the province is full of temples, castles, palaces and places worthy for worship.

According to the importance mentioned, Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Province arranged an event called “Krung Si Ayutthaya Foundation Day for the year 2008” in order to recall King U-Thong’s benevolences, the king who founded Krung Si Ayutthaya as a capital of Thailand on April 3, 1350. The event has become Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya custom and it is held every year at the royal statue of King Ramathibodi I (King U-Thong).

Source: Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Administration Organisation.