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           Ѳҡâͧʹյ ҡ繪Դҹ¡л١ѡ ֧âµͧѰҹ ԴҡѨѧ蹡觷ҡԹöԵ§繨ӹǹҡ§ҧ ҡͧ»Ѩ¹͡СäҵԴ͡Ѻѧ蹷ҡеѧçҧѺѺ͹ աѺŻԷ ʹ ѡʵ ó Тླըҡ¹͡һا Դԭ鹷¡ ¸ ˹ǡѡաҧ͢ѧ ɰԨ Сͧѧ ٻẺҧѲ¤֧ѹ ¡ѹҧôͧѰդѹѹҹ

           ѲҡâͧҹͧѰ㹻 ʹ٨ҡҾǴҧҵѧ ҨդѹѺäҧҡ 繻ȷ觷ӡԹشóҧҧ ջЪҡù ֧¡ѧ觷ҡԹ觪 ҡѺѹҧɰԨСͧ觡ҹ鹡÷Թᴹࢵ 觾Ѵҽҵ繻ШӷءĴ١ 觷û١ǫҪվѡѡͧЪҪ 觷ػäêŻзҹդ繵ͧǧ෤ҧäêлзҹռԵҧҡ ֧ա١ѹ˹͡Թúվͻ˹ҽҡҡ١ѹ ҡ÷ػäѧǹ餹¡ѹ觪仵ͧ蹵ҧ ѡɳзШٻͧ ҹͧ ҹͧ ǷҧͧûͧѰ֧Ѱ ͹Ѱ 觷еԴþѲҡâͧѰ äҢ¡Ѻ¹ͧ͡

           ˹觷駷ҧʵ зѾҡ÷ҧҵ 繻Ѩ·ӤѭԴäҢ«ռ仾ѲҡâͧͧѰҧҡ ͧ觷ҧʵ µ蹴Թ˭ФҺطµѹ͡§ ֧躹鹡äҢ·ҧҧѹ (Թ) Ѻѹ͡(չ) âҧ Թᴹѧǹ ҹШʹл¡͹Թҧ ǹѾҡøҵԹ ôҪͧҵҧ ˹ѧѵ ҵ شóҵ 觷ҹͧ¹ͧ͡ Щй鹡ԹҧҤҢ¢ͧǵҧ ֧ӡѴ੾Шʹѡͨмҹѧҹ ҡѧ繨ش»·ҧ㹡ëҢͧա

           äҢ¢ͧҡѺҧ繼Դѧäѹҧҹͧࢵ·ū觷˹ҷ¢ͧѺͤҪǵҧȷҫ͡Ѻ 觨Թһŧҹͧ· ŢͧѧäѧǷ鹷ҧäҷҧҡҹͧǪ·ͻҡѧ 鹷ҧùͧ ѹСͺ¡Ҿѹҧ ͹繺ҹͧ ҧ觡Ѱ ҧ觡繵ͧͧѰ· դѹҧɰԨѲ ·Ǻҹͧҧ·ѡԴٹҧҧɰԨѲ͹ 繽·ѺԹҨҡ¹͡㹢ǡѹ˹ҷШԹҿ Ѳͧѧͧ ѹǹ繤ѹҧͧ Ǥ ԴͧͧѰ㹹ѡѺšѹ͡ʹѺʹعҡѰٹҧ·ͻҡ 㹪áͧ͢·ҧɰԨСͧͧ 㹪ѧͧ㹹 Ҩҧͧ秢ѰҧѹҧͧѺѰ駷㹴¡ѹѺôҷͻҡ

           ҧáʹٵ¢ͧѧѲ˵ءó㹻ѵʵ Ҷ֧äҢ¨ҧ觤ԴͧѰѡɳз繷ҧǡ 觷繷ҧź鹡͡ҧԴ觢ѹ觷ҧɰԨͧ鹷ѧͧСѺҹͧѰ ¹͡ úҧѰѰҧոҪѺྪú¡͹ҧйظҡ ʧҧاظҡѺҡ ͡âѴҧاظҡѺѹҡ ǹ˵طӤѭҧ˹Ҩҡ觢ѹѹ㹡äҷ Ѱͧ觢ѹԧաѹ㹡äҷԴâѴӹҨѹҧعҧҹоҡѵ黡ͧ ˵طӤѭҧ˹㹡¾йظҤ駷ͧ ..

The ancient trade
Srisak Vanlipodom

           Human development in the past began with village communities that grow plants until the expansion to a state. It is not only factors in society such as having a source of livelihood that can produce large amounts of food but it must use external factors especially, communicating with otherssocities which are near and far to encourage the social structure of the complex. It has to receive art, science, religion, literature and culture from the outside which causes the growth process is called. Civilization. It created that or expanded social networks, economic and political to others. The form of cultural was similarity.
           Development of the country and state in Thailand, When viewed from the natural and social environment, it can be said that there was a significant relationship with trade because the country has ample fertile land but less populated. People are ready to be separated to make a living, or community resources and independent way if the economic and political pressure over them. Moreover, the land border in the monsoon which it rains every season, they can make rice which is the main occupation and residence of citizens. Irrigation is no hurdle to acquiring the technology. It was grown up enough to eat in a year. In next year, they planted rice again. From the fact that no such barriers to separate people according to the local community. In the distribution in the form of a small community, A small country together as a political state is a small independent state or city-state in general. What prompted the development of the state is external trade.
           Geographical location and natural resources is an important factor causing the trade which has resulted in the development of political and state. Geographical position of the source can be seen that Thailand is located in the mainland and peninsular Southeast Asia. It is on the sea trade between the West (India) and East (China). Sales between the two must go through Thailand before departure. The natural resources include things in forests such as leather, wood, oil and minerals which are naturally abundant. They are the things that the country needs. Therefore, all of the foreign trade, it is not limited to just stay parking to be passed on to the others but it is the destination for the purchase of the goods in forest as well.
           Forest products trade with foreign countries results the parties make up between the city in the sea which sell to the foreign merchants who deal with the internal communities which send the forest products into the country at the seaside. The result of the unification of the trade causes they have trade routes on land from the city near the seaside or estuary to the internal line. The local community consists of various ethnic groups that have moved into the house and the city. Some places became an independent state but some became the state on the beach which having relationship in the economic and cultural relations. In general, the coastal country is emerging as the economic and cultural hub as it is to get from the inside and they also distributed wasteful products and their culture within the city.
           This relationship has become political relations. The birth of the city or the state often has the effect of support from the state that is central of the coast or estuaries. Firstly, they tried the cities to become the first cities in its economic and political networks. Then the cities may establish itself as an independent state and build stronger political relations with other states and with those near the sea or estuaries.
           However, when viewing the improvement of social and cultural event in the history, Even though trade creates wealth for the community until it became a city and state was a positive but it affected competition and the struggle for economic and political within society and other states outside. The reason that having battle between the state such as Nakhonsritammarach and Petchaburi, building Ayudhaya, the war between Ayutthaya and Burma, the conflict between the Ayutthaya and Holland is from competition in trade. It is said that it is the important reason for the loss of Ayutthaya to the Burmese in 2310 for the second time.