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           ͹ѵ äͧҧͧҡا äͧҧ繸ҳͧͧҴ ǧҤʵȵɷ 20 ѧͧҧѹẺἹҳ 繷ôҹͧ駺ôҪӹѡ ǡا෾ ЪǺҹᶺ㹡ا վҡاô ͧҧ˹ ҡ蹴Թҧ ͧҡçԴҪͧ (ó´Թᴹ ..2431 - 2449 -) ʴ稻оû ;оҹóҧ ͹ ͧѧѹҷӹغا˹ ҧҧö ԴкŻзҹ Ҵ繷觹Ң §ҧҷͧѧ١§ٴö信ź §ͧ觾ͧ͹

           ءѹͧԡҧ㹡úѾѺ֡ 繡ö¹öҨҡѧ л׹˹ѡҡ蹻ШӡͧѾ ¡ѡ˹ҾкҪѧ ҧ㹧ҹҪͧ§дѺõ ҹѴҡاǨ鹷ҧѹõҧ ҹ鹷ѧҧ ѵҹվСѧлѭҴ˹ͧ͡ѡáŢͧ ԡѹҡ

           ͧͧҧҾҨҵ仹Ѵا;йظ ͹ѹͧҧѻ ҧ觼餹͡ʹ͹ҧҨҡҧ˹зҧѹ͡ ժҧͺӪҧͧµ ǵ͹ҷҧا͢ѧྐྵ´ǧ

           äͧҧྐྵ´ǧǹѴѺʴ稾кҸҪ ҿǪظ خҪ ʴ稹ѵйѧç稡֡ҨҡԷ͡ ѧ зçʴ稻оѰԡ äͧҧ駹ҵ蹵ҵҧ ӹǹҡ

           ֧ѻ觨Фͧҧا кҷ稾ʴ þҪҹ任зѺҪѧҧԹ ôҷٵҹطٵᢡҹᢡͧѹдǡʺ ǡا෾ ö仨蹷駢ǹ ǺҹԹӤͧҵͧྐྵ´ྐྵ´ǧ اҫҧѧǧѺ٤֡鹴بҪҹѹ ˭˹

           ˹ҷҧѭҳ鹪ҧ͡ҡŧ ˭ӷҧŧҧҾͤ ͪҧҹѺ蹹 ͧҧͧ ҧҴӢٹҡ ͺ ժҧ׹˹Һʧ ѭҳҧ͡ӪҧԹҹ˭ҷҧҧྐྵ´

           ྐྵ´ٻѵҧç蹤ҡ 繫اѡ駵٧ͺ Ѵ˹ ྐྵ´繤͡ا 2 鹪ͧҧҧʹźҡྐྵ´ѹҡ١ҧ

           зѺʹ๵ٵҹطٵäͧҧ鹻١ ԧԹҧ˹ͧ͢ྐྵ´ ҡкҷ稾ô¾ٻ ֧ô ҧѺҢաҹ·˹繷õ駡ͧ ٻ Ѻҹաͧ˭µ кҷ稾ǷçҾྐྵ´зٵҹطٵç 繷ҭҪķ ҪäͧҧաͧٻҴ᷺ء ռ㴡ҶҾҡاокǧҹǧ վкҪͧͺѭ ѹ繸ѧִͻԺѵԡѹؤū

           ͪҧзԹաҶ֧ҧྐྵ´ҧ´ ´§֧ͧ ҧҷԹҹⵧ൧һе٫ͧ ͻԴеҨ֧Ҫҧͧ͢ҧѧͧ¾اҧҷ Թ ЧѴҧҷ龹ҧͧҧءѡժҧҶ١´֧ çѡ ֧ ѡЪҧҵպһе٫ͧ ´ѹǷ硡ѡҴ

           ͪҧྐྵ´ ͪҧТ鹪ҧǹѴҧѡɳдǤͧ͡ȼ١ѡ ҧ͡ҧѴҹǧ ͨ繪ҧҹѡҡاԹ㹧ҹǨҧ ͧҧҪ

           ҧЪҧͻлѹྐྵ´ ҨṡҧҨҡҧ§§ ҧ§ǹ Ϳѧҭ Ѻ价ҧ㴡ͧ ǹҧҴټ ҧҢ˹ѧ繴ǧ ٹѧǪ ҧҹҡФ˧ا ѻǹͧѡԴҧ§

           鹹Ҵ٪ҧ觷ء Ъͺͧҧѹҧྐྵ´ ҧͧҷҹҵͧ 蹺˹ѧͧ ռ͹觨Ѵҧ 纵չͧ ҧͧúǹҴ ҧѵ˭ԧ ҧ Ӥѭ ҡҧҧ͢Ҵ ҧǹ鹨ж١Ѻ͡ҡྐྵ´Ѻһ ͹ ҧշԹҧͧҧʹ

           ͤѴҧѡɳд ǡҧ͡ȤͧҧǼ١Ѻѡ ҧ鶡§Ѻѡǡش͡Ƿش蹤йͧշҨз ѹ¤駻ǧ ͧҧͧѺҧҢҧ֧Ѻѹ֡˭ ҧѹ 餹ͧѧͧ价駺dzྐྵ´

           ͤͧҧͧ ҧӪҧҷ任Թ˭ҡԹӡ͹е͹Ѻһ 稡äͧҧǨ֧ʴ Ѻҧ кҷ稾ǩͧͧͧẺȪش ç觽վкҷʴ稾ҪԹ ѡҹСŴͧպѹͧ ҡѹءҶºѧ ٵҹطٵ·ҹкվҡاͧ ٻ վóЧʧ 觹ѡ ҧҹҷç "ٻش"

           ʴ稡Ѻ ôҪ觪äͧҧԡҹ㨡Ժҡҡҧ ʺ ҧء׹ѴҹѴ ҧ¹ԹѺ ҧŧǾ¡Ѻҹ Сاҫ觤֡鹴¼餹ѻ͹Ѻͧ ҧҧѹº˧….

Ũҡ : ѧҧظ ྐྵ´

Eplephant catching

          In all types of animals hunting is not comparable with elephant catching of the king of Siam. Elephant catching has been interesting Thai tradition. Although it enters to 20th century, it still has elephant catching in the same way of ancient age and it interested royal court, Bangkokian and villagers residing on the riverside of Krung Kao. In the past, the king of Siam allow to catching elephant one time a year. If this tradition did not continue, it might be because the king was occupied with government duty on the issue of France (in case of losing the land to France during 2431-2449 B.C.-translator). His majesty the king went to Europe or his health was not good. Also, Siam turned to pay more attention to progress the country such as build the railway and start the irrigation system. The forest become field and the noise of elephant were replaced by the sound of train and the sound of the life of forest was not loud as ever.

          Nowadays, Siam stopped elephant war. Only cars, carriages from England and machine gun from Japan were used in making the war instead. Siam offer the protection only at the front of royal palace and elephant used in government duty for only supporting the title rank. To drag the log and survey the path on the forest only that still used elephant because this kind of animal has much power and more intelligent than machine of American.

          The story of elephant catching that I will talk about was held in Krung Kao or Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya. The many weeks before elephant catching, elephant department has assigned staffs to spy and drive elephant from the north and the east and they can drive about 300 wild elephant. They drive them on the riverside near Krung Kao across to royal corral.

          The elephant catching at royal corral was held to welcome Chao Fah Wachiradwut Siam Mungkut Ratjakumarn who just graduated from Oxford University, England and invited America. This äͧҧ was very interesting and many beautiful elephant were caught.

          When the day of elephant catching at Krung Kao arrived, the king went to stay at Bang Pra In Palace. All diplomacy and guests took the comfortable ship and Bangkokian took the train and villagers rowed their boat on corral canal to see the elephant catching. This made Krung Kao become joyful as the period it was the capital city which was the large city in Asia.

          When it was time to catch the elephant, staff gave the signal to release elephant to the river. Ships and boats were far away from the large number of elephant. When a hundred of elephant was on the water, people acclaimed and elephant were frightened and made loud noise. Some of them splash water from its trunk. Around the river, there were many groups of elephant waited for the signal. When they saw signal, they walked across the field of corral.

          The square corral was built strongly. Its pillars were the log of teak. It height was nearly four centimeters tight with iron. The corral was made 2 floors by teak wood and made the blank between the pillars for escape if elephant were in rut.

          The throne hall for seeing and diplomat who come to see covered the north rampart of corral. If the king needs to take a photo, another pavilion was built because in the north, it was not the suitable site for settle the camera or takes a photo. In the pavilion, there were many sizes of cameras. The king took a photo in the corral with the diplomats with happiness. Most people who come to see took their camera with them but nobody dared to take a photo of the king of Siam and royal family, except they were allowed by the king. This has been practice until the recent age of Siam.

          When the wild elephant were in a group and walked into the corral, they were frightened and made a loud noise. The wild elephant stepped on the door. When close the door, we can see that the injured elephant was taken to outside and all time that had hooked elephant, there were some of them injured or broken rib or died. This was because the wild elephant were frightened and hurried to enter the door and jostle injured.

          When the wild elephant were full in the corral, the mahout would be on the elephant back for select the wild elephant to train for dragging the log of teak and survey the forest.

          The wild elephant and elephant used as a decoy were mixed in the corral. However, we can separate them easily because the feed elephant always obeyed the mahout and there were fatter. For the wild animals, it looked gaunt. Some of them had fungi on its skin but if we feed those elephant very well, it will fatter in a few weeks and it did not differ from the feed elephant.

          Most Siam people seemed to know the good characteristic of elephant and they like talking about elephant. The beautiful elephant must have smooth skin, no scar and its wrinkle skin must be smooth. The more its color is bright, the more it is beautiful. Its nail must be black and the tail was not indented. Elephant is a big animal but its small tail is very important as well. If any elephant did not have the tail or indented tail, that elephant will be drive from the corral to the forest. Also, the good characteristic of elephant which is suitable for travel must have the equal step as well.

          When found the elephant with good characteristic, staff will use the rope to hook the wild elephant and tight it with the cleat. Some of them try to lose the rope although it was tight with the cleat. The elephant which can lose from the rope will try to injure people around there. Staff must drive elephant used as decoy to obstruct and finally become the elephant war. When elephant hit each other, people will acclaim loudly.

          When they can catch the elephant they want, staff from elephant department will drive the remained elephant return to the forest. When finish the elephant catching tradition, the king will return by ship. The king will get full white dress and speed up. His followers must catch him. Siam people kneel to pay homage. Diplomat also admire in his majestic looking. He was regarded as the most handsome king of Asia.

          When the king went back, Siam people who come to see the elephant catching ceremony picked the black nut to chew happily. Some dress neatly and some ford to go back home and some went back by boat. Then, Krung Kao becomes silent as ever .

Source: Wang Chang Ayutthaya and Corral