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           ѡҹҡä鹤Ңͧ໹ͻ .. 1540 ( .. 2083 ) Pero Diaz 繪໹áԹҧ ¢鹽觷ѧѴѵҹ ͧ鹢ͧظ ¾ҪҸҪ Ѻ繪ûҵԷ 2 Թҧ¹ ͨҡõʫԹҧ¾ҸԺշ 2 ǻ .. 2061 ¾ҸҪ 㹻 .. 2129 Santiago de Vera ǧ໹軡ͧԻԹ觤м᷹ԹҧԴѹ Ѻظ 觡ѵʹ Թҧõ

           ¾й³Ҫ ¡Ѻ໹ ԴͤҢ¡ѹ¼ҹҧԻԹҳҹԤͧ໹ ͡еС Ѻõ໹ЫԹһظҡ໹ ѹҧä¡˹ùѡ ͧҡ໹դ觤õ ҧҡҹҧäҧ蹤 㹢зʹҤʵͧ໹ʺ СѵЪʹҧ

           ѧҡѪ¾й³ ǧ¡اظ ѵѪŵ ôҹǵѹ çҨִͧФͺӷҧʹ ֧Ѻ駽 õ ѹ ໹͡仨ҡ繨ӹǹҡ

           ûͧա駵Ѫŷ 2 觡اѵԹ੾ҧ Ѫŷ 4 ؤӤѭͧõԴѹҧҧ¡Ѻȵѹ ѧͧҧѡ

           ໹ʹѭҷҧ þҳԪ СԹ ( Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation ) 觶繡ʶһҤѹҧ÷ٵҧѹѹ 23 Ҿѹ 2413 ( .. 1870 ) Ѫŷ 5 ҡҷ·ӡѺȵѹ 10

           .. 2426 ѤҪٵШûç˹ѤҪٵ»ШӡاҴԴ 㹻 .. 2504 ¡дѺʶҹ͡ѤҪٵ͡ѤҪٵ¤á任Ш اҴԴ .. 2506

           ͡ҡʶҹ͡ѤҪٵ اҴԴ ѧӹѡҹ·ٵ·з ӹѡҹä㹵ҧ ӹѡҹúԹ ͡ҡ ʶҹ˭Եѡա 2 蹤úŹ зФҹ

Relationship between Thailand and Spain in the Past
By Kulkumoot Singhara Na Ayutthaya, Head Department of Europe

Evidence from the research by the Spanish revealed that in 1540 (B. E. 2083), Mr. Pero Diaz was the first Spanish who came to Thailand. He landed in Pattani, one of Ayutthaya dependent provinces, in the reign of King Chai Rachathirat, and was the second European country travelling to Thailand in Ayutthaya period after the Portuguese who came to Thailand in the reign of King Ramathibodi II in 1518. Later in the reign of King Maha Thammaracha in 1586, Mr. Santiago de Vera, a Spanish governor ruling the Philipines, sent a group of representatives to open the relationship with Krung Si Ayutthaya. The King was interested, but there was no continuation of the affair.

In the reign of King Narai the Great, Thailand contacted and traded with Spain via the Philipines which was a Potuguese colony. Thailand exported wood and lead which are essential in building ships to Spain and imported weapons in exchange. However, some other relationship was not in progress due to the fact that Spains competitor was Portugal who already made good background of trading with Thailand. All the same, the propagation of Christianity of the Spanish was not succeeded either because the Thai king and the Thai people did not put any interest in it.

After the reign of King Narai in the late Ayutthaya period, the later kings of Thailand did not like the westerners for fear that they would occupy Thailand and dominate the religion. As a result, a lot of French, Portuguese, Hallander, and Spanish people were chased out of the country.

The European began coming to Thailand again in the reign of King Rama II of Rattanakosin (Bangkok) period. Especially, the reign of King Rama IV was the important era of relationship between Thailand and the western countries who were hunting for colonies in Asia.

Spain and Thailand signed Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation which was the foundation of diplomatic relation with each other on February 23, 1870, in the reign of King Rama V, and it was 10 years later than the treaties Thailand did with other western countries.

Since 1883, Thailand appointed a minister for Europe to be on duty in Madrid. In 1961, the minister was raised to the ambassador, and in 1963, the first Thai ambassador was appointed to be on duty in Madrid.

Not only had the embassy in Madrid, but Thailand also had the Office of Army and Naval Attache, the Foreign Trading Promotion Institute and Thai Airways International Office. Moreover, there were two honorary consulate generals in Barcelona and at the group of Canary Islands.