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          ԹҧͧҷǧʷԹҧѧاظ 㹺ѹ֡ͧҷǧ©Ѻǹ˵ءóʹ

          ѹ ԧҤ .. зٵʹҢͧʷѹлһ觡اԹҧ ʵʹҤµѹ͡§ ԹҧҶ֧اظ кҷǧشպҷǧ͵ ѧõ (De La Motte Lambert) ѧҪ Ը (Eveque de Beryte) ˹ҤѺ ҷǧ ഴ (Didier) кҷǧͺ (De Brourges) Ѻ繺ҷǧʤá㹡اظ ԹҧҷҧاԴ ʹ㹻Ȩչѹ еѧ ´

          Թҧͧкҷǧش ѹ֡Թҧ Թҧҡʼҹ ¹ ȵá Ҷ֧اظ (Թҧͧкҷǧ١Ѵҧͧ͢õѹ ѺǽҴ ͧҡբ;Ծҷ÷ʧû) ֧餳кҷǧŧ㺢Ҵͧѹѹ ͡ҡʷ ͧ 觷¹ѹ Ȩԡ¹ .. Թҧѧŵ (Malthe) Ǣ鹺ͧ (Alep) ͧá Тٰŷͧạᴴ (ҺŹ) Թҧѧͧһ (Basra Ѩغѹѡ) ͧ͢Թѹ ҡԹҧѧͧ (Sehiras) ͧʻѹ ͧǧͧ Թҧ件֧ͧ͹ (Gomoron) 觤кҷǧ龺ѧѹѹҧ

          кҷǧԹҧ件֧ͧѵ (Suratte) ͧ͢Թ Թҧ件֧ͧջҵѹ (Masulipatan) ͧҳҨѡ ҪҳҨѡáš͹ (Golconde) 㹻Թ»Ѩغѹͧѷ кҷǧʹŧ㺢ѹѹ ѧͧй ŧҡ˭ ͧԴͧҳҨѡ ͨҡ鹹硵 ֧ҹ Ǩ֧¹ ѹ¤׹Ҷ֧اظ ѹ ԧҤ .. ԹҧԹ͹ҷҧȵѹ͡ ֧ǡһ ҨԹҧԧҳ -

          ͹ Ҥ .. кҷǧԹҧŧ ŧѹ ֧ԹҧѺظҷҧ ҹǭǹҧҡظ˹

          зٵҧʹա˹觷ԹҧҳҨѡ §ѹͤТͧ ѧҪ Ѻҷǧա ٻ Թҧ͡ҡѹ Ҥ .. ͨҡʷ ҹͧ á ͧ͹ ͧʻѹ ŧͨҡͧ ͹ͧѵ Թ ԹҧҹҳҨѡ ҳҨѡ š͹Ҷ֧ͧջҵѹ ŧҧວ ԹҧҶ֧اظ .. (Թҧһҳ - )

          ѧҪ龺ѺѧҪ ͵ ѧõ ҳҨѡ ֧ҡѹŧҳҨѡ ٹҧͧʵѡҤѹ᷹ͧ͡ ´µ ѧҪͧ件¾ §ҹ֧㹡ʹҤʵҳҨѡҺ

          ѧҪ͹鹾ٴҽ ໹ õ ѹ ѧǪҭҧʹҢͧҧ֡ ֡ҨҡʧǪҭشͧظ ѧҪ觵ҡóоҹءеԹ աҧѴѡح᫿ ԡѹҷԡ 稾й³ ͧç㨾ǡ·çѧ繡ѧ͵ҹǡѹ й ѹҡѺʷʧѹ㹷ջû

           .. ѧҪѧõ ѺҪҹحҵԨҡ稾й³ ҧѴʵ Ф¹ѡح繵૿㹡اظ ѧҪѧõӹѡóҾاظ ..

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The tour of French priests in the period of the
king Narai Rachathirat
The tour of French priests to Ayutthaya, there were many interesting situations mentioned on many records of the priest.
On 22 August B.C. 2205, the French missionary whom the pope of Rome assigned to propagate Christ in South East Asia has arrived Ayuddhaya city. This group of priests consisted of De La Motte Lambert who was the patriarch of Beryte (Eveque de Beryte) as the leader, D idier and De Brourges. This was the first group of priest that came to Ayuddhaya. They came through Marit city to prepare to spread religion in China, Annam and Tang Gia in Viet Nam.

The trip of this priest group, they recorded that they travelled from France through Mediterranean sea, Turkey, Persia and Mogul before arriving Ayutthaya (this trip was obstructed by the marine of Portuguese and Hollanda. They did not accept French people on their marine because there was some dispute about making war in Europe). This made the priest to take small junk with weight 20 ton and three pillars from France to Marshes, the coast of Mediterranean on 27 November B.C. 2203 and then to Malthe island and land at Alep of Turkey. Then, they rode the camel through the desert to Bakdak (Babylon) and to Basra of Saudi Arabia (Basra is recently located in Iraq). Then, they found the trading ship of Hollanda and went to Sehiras in Persia, Ispahun which was the capital city of Persia and went to Gomoron where the priests met with English and Hollanda people lived with gorgeousness.

The priest went on tour to Suratte which was the harbor of India and then went to Masulipatan of Mokun region, Golconde region where was recently located in India near Mattarat. The priest who comes to teach about religion took the ship to across Andaman to reach Tanowsri and left at Marit city of Siam. After that, they took small ship on the river to reach the riverside village and took the cart to Ayuddhaya on 22 August B.C. 2205. This trip took time for many days. However, they came from the east, so it was faster than normal that might about 4-5 years to arrive.

In May B.C. 2209, the priest tried to take the ship to Cambodia but the ship was collapsed near Chantaburi city. Therefore, they came back to Ayuddhaya on land to live in Yuan village where was far away from Ayuddhaya about 100 Sen.

Another group of priest has arrived to Siam in the close period. This group was the group of Phra Ratchapanlue and 4 priests. They departed from France on 2 January B.C. 2205 with France ship from Mashier harbor through Alepto, Turkey, Airseron and Ispahun. Then, they catched the ship from Cameron in Persia bay to Surat city in India. After that, they landed through Mokun region, Golcande to Sureepathan and then took the ship in Bangkol to reach Ayuddhays in

B.C. 2207 (Take about 1-2 years by ship).
Phrapanlue has met with Der Lamott Lungbear in Siam and agreed to use Siam as the center of spreading Christ of East Asia instead of Viet Nam. Both both Buddhist supreme patriarch of the Buddhist priest has sent the letter to the king Luise 14th to know.

Phra Panlue can speak French, Spanish, Portugese and Aunum and he also specialized in both language and religion of Siam very well. He has studied from the most specialist Buddhist monk of Ayutthaya. Phra Punlue has written Latin grammar and dictionary of Siam and built the temple of Saint Joseph of Catholic in the period of The Great King Narai. The king Narai always paid attention to France people because he hoped that France shall help to against with Hollanda while France and Hollanda was making war to each other in Europe that time.

Later in B.C. 2212, Phra Rungbear has been allowed from The Great king Narai to build Christ temple and Saint Joseph camp in Ayutthaya. Phra Rungbear has stayed and died at Ayutthaya in B.C. 2222.

Source: Pladisai Sittithayakit. (2547). Thai History. Bangkok. Mind Health.