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           ׹㹵СŻ ժͷҧԷʵ Borassus flabellifer Linn. ǧ Palamae ժ¡ ⵹, ˭, Ź 繵 դ٧ 15-40 ⤹Ǻ˭ ӵչӵ зѧշҧ駵Դ աҺͺ㺵Դҳ 5 ᵡ觡ҹҢ
          çʹӵٻҧ¾Ѵ աҹ繷ҧ 1-2 ͺҹѡ繿ѹ ͡ȼ¡ѹ褹е ŵǼ͡ ͡繧ǧо ռ ǹŵ͡͡繪 ͡բ ͧ ռ˭ӵ 2-4 ѧ͹¡ ͹ ҨǷԴҡ͡¡ ǵ
          ªͧ鹵Źҡ ҷ ӵ 㹡áҧ ͧ͹ͧҧ ͢ش ¡⻧, ͹ 㹡èѡҹ ǡ Ӣͧ, ǹ اѧ ӾѴ, ҡ Թäҹ, ͡͹ ا Ф鹹Өҡا觡蹢, µ ͧѡҹ з͡, ǧ ҹ¡ҹӵʴ ҡԹʴ ӹӵ, ǹ ѡ¡ѹ١ Ѻзҹʴ͡ԹѺ Шǵ Ѻзҹ繢ͧҹ
          㹾طѵ ѧҡоطͧç 㹾ҷͧʴôҾ ͧͧҪ ͧҡҹ鹾Ҿ÷çѺ ͧ šʻ աʻ Фҡʻ ѧ鹾оط֧ͧçôͧ͹ ͷçʴз觪ͧФʹѧͧ ǡͧͧ ͧçҪŷǡաѹٻ ʴ任зѺѧ ѯѹ (ǹ˹) ҧȵѹ§ͧͧҪ
          ;ҾʴѺ ֧ʴ稾ЪҪӹǹҡѧǹ˹ ѧҡоطͧ Դѡ лСȾͧغʡ
          ͡ҡ Żѵ ʧ㹾Ըաҧ ҳҨҡ㺵 ҨҡҺ Żڵ 㺵Źͧ 觻ѨغѹʧҹŻѵ÷Өҡ㺵 ʧ㹻蹷Ѻ;оطʹ , ѧ, ٪ ѧŻѵ÷Өҡ㺵 ж繾ѴþѴªѴ⺡ŧ ѧᴴ
          дѡɳТͧ鹵ū͵Ѵʹǡ ʹǹ öԭԺա ѧӷоطͧ㹾ٵõҧ 㹾ûԮ 觢¡Һҧ͹ѧ
          ...ѵ ٻ § ⼯Ѿ ҹ Ҥ ѴҡҴ ͹ʹǹ ѧ Դա繸...
          ...١êǡ ؤž֧դҺҷ Ҥ Ҥ й Ҥ ѹҴ 繴بʹǹ ֧ ѹԴ繸...
          ...١Ҹ ͨФ ˹Ѵ ԴԹ ҹҡٻ ҡҧ ٻ鹨ѡ繢ͧѹ ѴҡҴ ͹ʹǹ Դա繸 ͨФ ˹Ѵ ԴԹ ҹҡ Ƿ...ѭ...ѧ...ԭҳ ҡҧ Ƿ...ѭ...ѧ...ԭҳ鹨ѡ繢ͧѹ ѴҡҴ ͹ʹǹ Դա繸...

           ˹ѧ͸ Ѻ 82 .. 50 óء Ѵ͹Ź 4 ѹ¹ 2550

Toddy palm, the source of talipot fan
Toddy palm was perennial plant which had science name as Borrassus flabellifer Linn. It was in the Palamea family and there were other name such as Tan tanod, Tanyai and Tanna etc. its height was about 15-40 meters with big trunk. The trunk was dark brown. When it was young, there was both dried leaf and spathe of leaf with 5 meter of length, not put out twig.

It had one cotyledon at the top of trunk. Its shape was like a fan with branch about 1-2 meters of length. The branch of leaf was like saw tooth and its male and female flower was separated. The male palm had flower like trunk as same as coconut, no fruit. For female palm, it had the bouquet of white-yellow flower and had round big green fruit. Inside the fruit, it contained about 2-4 seeds. When it was immature, it was called Lontan and called Chaotan when it was matured.
Palm tree has various benefits. For example, the trunk of palm is used to construct, made furniture and made boat called Rue I-phong. Moreover, the immature leaf is used for weave such as hat, toy and the mature leaf used for making the roof or fan. Its root used to boil for curing Tankhamoi decease. Its immature shell used to be ingredient and the matured fruit was made the Khanom Tan. Palm fiber was used to make basketwork and rope. Trunk gave the sweet called fresh sugar. We can eat freshy or make fresh sugar. For it seed which we always call Looktan, it can be eaten or eat with syrup and Chaotan can be soaked with syrup to be dessert.

In biography of Lord Buddha, it was mentioned that after the Lord Buddha has enlightened in second year, the Lord Buddha went to help Phrachao Pimpisarn who was the head of Ratchakhoch city. That time, Phrachoa Pimpisarn respected three relatives of Chanin who were Welgussapa, Natigussapa and Khayagussapa. Therefore, when the Lord Buddha helped them first until those relatives vacated from their old believe and then gave them to be the disciples of Lord Buddha, the Lord Buddha took three Chanin together with 1000 disciples to go to Lattiwan (TANNUM GARDEN) where was located in the south west of Ratchakhoch city.

When Phrachao Pimpisarn heard that, he and his populations come to Tannum garden and when they listened the doctrine of Lord Buddha and then appeared spiritual eyes and gave him to be his layman.

Moreover, toddy talipot fan used in ceremonies was made from palm leaf. This was from Pali “Ta-La-Pat” which meant palm leaf. Recently, the Buddhist monk did not use talipot fan made from palm leaf. However, the monk from other countries respected Buddhism such as Burma, Srilungka, Cambodia and Laos, still used talipot fan made from palm leaf and it can be used for other objectives such as drive away insect and protect the sun light.

Further, due to its tree characteristic when cut the top of tree to be “Tan Yod Duan” cannot be growth anymore. It was like the speech of Lord Buddha in various Buddha’s teaching in Tripitaka as following.

“Property was image, sound, smell, test and Photatuppa and Tathakot can vacate all desires, it made us like Tan Yod Duan , therefore, there was not past and reborn again. This was normal”

“Please see Cheevok, person had ravage because of lust, rage and angry. Those was already vacated, it made us like Tan Yod Duan , therefore, there was not past and reborn again. This was normal”

“Please see Ratha, you should avoid from satisfaction, love, enjoy and ambition. Because of this behavior, you can vacate them, it made us like Tan Yod Duan , therefore, there was not past and reborn again. This was normal. You should avoid satisfaction, love, enjoy and ambition in pity.promise.body..spirit , because of this behavior, you can vacate them, it made us like Tan Yod Duan , therefore, there was not past and reborn again. This was normal.. ”

Source: Dhummaleera issue 82 September B.C. 2550 by Renuka, By Online Manager, 4 September B.C. 2550