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"͹Թ ˹Ҿҹ" ʾ. Ѵ֡ 22 ѹ¹ 2553
ҾСͺ Ե ѡ, ѧҾҡ͹ظ, ا෾ : ǡѹ, 2547, ˹ 96.

“Nong Sano (stem borer)” the history of Ayutthaya establishment

The history of Phrachao Uthong has appeared in the annals of Wan Walit, Hollanda trader. He has recorded the story of Ayutthaya people during the period of Phrachao Prasartthong that Phracho Uthong was the son of emperor of China who was exiled because of doing dab thing. Later, he knew that there was one beautiful island and it was suitable to establish the city. However, there was no anyone live in this island.

Phrachoa Uthong met with a hermit. The hermit told him that this island has been named Ayoddhaya. It had the pool which was the resident of cruel dragon. In the history, it was Nong Sano or Bung Phraram in Ayutthaya province. The reason why it was called Nong Sano was because there were many stem borer covered the pool. Its flower can be made for cooks. When the dragon got angry or was disturbed, it would blow the poison to kill local people until they die all city. However, the way to kill the dragon, Phrachao Uthong must solve three problems for the great hermit.

When Phrachao Uthong could solve all problems of the great hermit, the great hermit told him the way to kill the dragon. That way was to find the other great hermit who was similar with him and gave another similar hermit to the dragon in Nong Sano. However, Phrachao Uthong could not find such hermit; he kept this story to be the secret and went to Nong Sano (the resident of dragon) together with the hermit. Then, he throws the hermit into the pool, then the dragon did not come again and the city was safe from epidemic.

Later, Phrachao Uthong has reformed this city at Nong Sano area in the year of tiger and called the city “Ayutthaya”.
This was only the legend of the cause of Ayutthaya establishment in order to tell the situation of social change in that period and also made better understanding the history of their local.

Source: column by “Ruenin Naphralan” Kom Chat Luk. 22 September B.C. 2553
Image by Jitr Phoomsak, Thai Society on Chao Phraya river before Ayutthaya period, Bangkok: Fah Diew Kan, B.C. 2547, Page 96.